Let me tell you how to watch the Chinese region pro players game live

There are too many Korea pro players transfer the clubs and get into the chinese region. Such as SS Dany, SS Mata, SS Spirit, SS Imp, SS Deft, SS Pawn and so on. The LPL 2015 spring season become very competitive. So if you want to watch the live stream by the pro players, come to China region is one of a good idea.


1: find the online live stream sites

list of the china online  live streams sites:

white (Royal Club mid World runner-up season S3 ) FZZF (team WE sup)
UZI(Royal Club ADC World runner-up season S3 ) and so on.

Dandy (SS jungle World champion Season S4) Mata (SS sup) Imp (SS adc World champion Season S4) and so on.

Spirit (SS jungle) Pawn (SS mid) Dade (SS mid) and so on.

High rank players in china region.
2: Use tencent tools

Go to http://tgp.qq.com/lol.shtml  and down load the Tencent Offcial Game Helper. and use the helper to watch the pro gamers games.


Before you open the tool, you need to register a QQ account. because the tools need QQ account to log in.


Follow the picture shows:


By the way, you can also found more LOL pro players replays at coolfight.net.

Ubisoft has replaced the EA as the most annoying game developers

Ubisoft has replaced the EA as the most annoying game developers

In the minds of players EA has always been the most annoying game publishers, but recently a series of errors led to the well-known game maker Ubisoft took the title from EA’s head. This year most of the game with the same publisher, Ubisoft released a big scene of the game, but the players did not reach expectations, especially in the “Assassin’s Creed” and “watchdog” of the most obvious manifestations. Ubisoft’s PR team banning media evaluation before the game is released publicly, not send advance copies of the game until the players to buy the game before you can see the relevant evaluation.


Topgamesclub media’s Ben said earlier this month for the famous Ubisoft game “Assassin’s Creed” for the evaluation of the conduct prohibited until after the game has been on sale for several hours before allowing public disclosure related to the evaluation of media content. This means that most of the players did not get much enough information to understand the problems of the game before they purchase of the game.

In game “The Crew“, Ubisoft also uses the same prohibition strategy to ensure that the game will be allowed after the sale of media evaluation. Ubisoft said that not only limits Polygon media evaluation, but before the game publishing is no longer available for sale to the media copies of the game, which means that the media also need to wait until after the game’s release to launch the associated evaluation.

simcity by ea also have many bugs

AT 2014:
EA (Electronic Arts)’s reputation is not good, the acquisition of well-known studio and ruined the whole series, online verification lead to genuine players can not play games and so on, and even won two championships in the worst United States game company of 2012 and 2013.

But by 2014, EA lacks the aura,and no longer the worst company named in the first round, the game field has also been catch up by Ubisoft.

First propaganda screamed loudly “watchdog” has shrunk dramatically, players joked it is “shrink dog”, the next annual masterpiece “Assassin’s Creed: Revolution” PS4 version decreasing size, was attacked received Microsoft’s money. Wait until the official release in November, media reports continue, but mostly concentrated on emerging BUG ……

LPL 2015 Spring Round 8 OMG VS Snake Round 1 Simple Review

At the last week, the LPL 2015 Spring Season Round 8 battle completed. OMG VS SNAKE got 1:1 result. At this game, UZI VS Krystal is the most inportant points.


Ban Pick
OMG LULU  leesin
OMG Jarvan IV  Thresh
OMG  Kalista
OMG  Rumble
SNAKE  Leblanc  Maokai
SNAKE  Ahri  Xerath
SNAKE  RekSai  Leona
SNAKE  Corki
SNAKE  Nidalee

As a new team in LPL league, Snake is very like the old Royal Club team: have a world-class adc/sup player. Sup-type top player and good at farm and team battle AP player. Krystal is one of the best ad player at this year 2015.

This time OMG vs Snake can be sawed: OMG vs “OLD” Royal Club.

Questions about OMG:

GOGOING: as we know, at the newest version of game, TOP is not like before. GOGOING is a carry point for OMG team. But this time TOP line and the champion changes is not friendly to him. Gogoing is at the lowest level for his gaming life.

UZI and his SUP. UZI is one of the best ad carry player in this world, but he is too young. You can not find one and good SUP player for him. OMG have too many players but it is still a hard work.

Japanese Game & Game consoles Weekly sales charts 2.23-3.1 2015

This week, the players awaited: Two versions of “Dragon Quest Heroes Dark Dragon and the city of the world tree,” a total of nearly 60 million copies sold of the good results achieved inning of the first and second positions. Last week champion “GOD EATER2: BR” the PSV version relegated to fourth place, but there are still more than 40,000 sales.

ドラゴンクエストヒーローズ 闇竜と世界樹の城
ドラゴンクエストヒーローズ 闇竜と世界樹の城

“Dragon Quest Heroes gathering dark dragon tree in the world and the City” (Japanese: ドラゴンクエストヒーローズ 闇竜と世界樹の城) is one of the works of Dragon Quest. Warriors series by Koei Tecmo ω-Force team development, Square Enix scheduled in February 2015 issue of slashing style action role-playing game, the corresponding PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 platforms. This is a family issue for the past 30 years, for the first time in video game culture works. This works for both for the DQ series or on the PlayStation, it is of great significance.

RANKS Console GAME Company Date SALES
1 PS3 勇者斗恶龙 英雄: 闇竜と世界樹の城 Square Enix 15/02/26 325,446325,446
2 PS4 勇者斗恶龙 英雄: 闇竜と世界樹の城 Square Enix 15/02/26 269,303269,303
3 3DS 塞尔达传说:姆吉拉假面3D NINTENDO 15/02/19 37,82437,824
4 PSV 噬神者2:狂怒解放 BANDAI NAMCO 15/02/19 37,650
5 3DS 妖怪手表2:真打 LEVEL5 14/12/13 16,4432,513,906
6 3DS 口袋妖怪红/蓝 POKEMON 14/11/21 12,6802,537,857
7 PSV 结城友奈是勇者:树海的记忆 FuRyu 15/02/26 10,62210,622
8 PS3 龙珠:超宇宙 BANDAI NAMCO 15/02/05 8,24981,087
9 3DS 任天堂全明星大乱斗 NINTENDO 14/09/13 8,1592,165,812
10 3DS 七宗罪:真实的冤罪 BANDAI NAMCO 15/02/11 7,63142,869

Consoles sales:

Use Gateway Card Run 3DS game online will get banned by Nintendo

There are too many players use GW card to play the 3DS hack roms, and they also play online mode with GW card. Recently, there are some GW users reported that: use the GW card and join in the online game battle get banned.

What does it happen?

As we know, 3DS game rom will have a ROM INFO or you can call it “ROM HEAD INFO”. Nintendo netserice will check the ROM HEAD INFO to know the game can be enjoy the online service or not. One official game card will have unique “ROM HEAD INFO”. One for One, Not the same with the others (the same game but different card will get different rom head too).

GW players or other same card players always get the Game ROMS download from the internet. These roms are the same, I means the ROM HEAD INFO is the same. If there are 20000000 copy POKEMON X/Y roms with the same ROM HEAD INFO and join the online mode at the same time, Nintendo will know these copy roms and their users are not a “normal” players- they are GW or other card palyers. So, they get banned.

How to make online game safe?

Now their only one method but i have not try it safe or not (for me, its still work ok now). Use GW card dump yours official card rom. And get the ROM HEAD INFO from this card rom. Use third party tools to patch the head info to your download roms. You contact with me to get the tools name.

Thanks for your read. By dema-cia.com 2015.feb.26.

2014 The Best Game Console – WII U!?

Forbes columnist -Erik Kain game in an article in the January 15, said: Best video game console of the Year 2014 title was awarded to WiiU. Although he admits Nintendo in sales of this product is far less than XBOX one and PS4.

Game. Or rather, is that exclusive games you can not play at elsewhere platforms.


Nintendo WiiU indeed provide a great deal of applause in 2014 and commercial success of exclusive games, such as “Mario Kart 8″, “Smash Brothers WiiU” and so on, each game’s performance is remarkable, combined WiiU are relatively backward hardware performance, better reflect the developer’s technical strength.


More importantly, and the masterpiece on other next-generation console in 2014 compared, WiiU host of game performance is more stable, quality control is more satisfying. “No one complained or interrupted Mario Kart game server problems arise Fuzion, or” Bayonetta 2, “” King Kong: Tropical cold “What other mistakes,” the authors said. Coupled with a variety of game types and free networking capabilities, low input allows PC gamers WiiU become the best partner.

Sometimes treat the game is very similar to the attitude and aesthetic taste is a very subjective thing. Although there are numerous cold figures to help manufacturers and investors to judge which hosts sold well, which hosts promising, but specific to the players who we are most concerned about is still quality and playability of the game, rather than possession rate, ah, ah these market prospects illusory things. Of course, those who ignore the quality of the game will be a good thing, “the spirit of shareholders’ class players not on the column.

From this perspective, WiiU undoubtedly has inherent advantages. Nintendo made a lot of world-class platform sole, free and stable network environment, compared to higher average quality of the game, these are obviously different WiiU advantages and the other two next-generation consoles, but whether these factors alone this is the 2014 best able to draw conclusions game console out?